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    新丽华官网Constable Walker edged round the tree trunk so as to get it between himself and any light that might come from the hall door. The man reached the door and rang.


    ‘I am afraid this is important, Mr. Felix. Think again. Is there no one that could testify to meeting you on this walk? No waiter or other official, for example?’
    The detectives bowed themselves out. After an exchange of further greetings and compliments, Lefarge said:—
    ‘Well, gentlemen, we have heard an interesting story, and, whatever we may think of it, our first business will be to check it as far as we can. I think you had better get away immediately to the Avenue de l’Alma and see this Fran?ois, if possible before Boirac gets back. Go through the house and get anything you can, especially a sample of the wife’s handwriting. Try also and trace the maid. In the meantime, I will set some other inquiries on foot. You might call in about nine to-night to report progress.’


    1.‘That is so.’
    2.‘And since that discussion you made a certain bet with him?’
    3.‘“Raoul,” she cried again, “what’s the matter? Why do you look like that?”
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